Event Design & Direction

Fundraising events come in all shapes and sizes. They can host just a few people or several thousands.  They can be a one evening affair or can be held over several days. Our Event Design staff can provide everything you need to plan and conduct an event.

Our Event Assistance staff can provide the focus and coordination you need the day of your event. Whether the need is for someone to assist on a regular basis during the months leading up to the event or to be on-site the day of the event to keep everything moving smoothly, we can help make your event a success.

  • Event Ideas for all sizes of events
  • Timelines and Hour-by-hour schedules for the day of the event
  • Templates for the forms, letters, etc. during the process and Samples of invitations, reply cards, etc.
  • Committee lists and task descriptions
  • Set-up and decorating ideas and tips
  • Sponsorship Level suggestions
  • Advertising and Promotion ideas
  • Resources for speakers, entertainment, etc.
Innovative Fundraising

Fundraising and Marketing should be tailored to the specific interests and demographics of your donor base.  What works with one group of donors may not have any affect on another set of donors.  Our team will work with your staff and volunteers to help determine which effort will serve your organization best.

  • Fundraising Events – Sorgente Consulting has assisted organizations with a wide range of events, including golf tournaments, lunch and dinner events, live and silent auctions, songwriter nights, topic/project specific events, fishing tournaments, walks/runs and more.  Whether your organization would like us to be involved from the very first phase of planning, act as the on-site Director the day of the event or any combination of responsibilities, we will bring experience and enthusiasm to your efforts.
  • White Label Store – The white label store is an online “widget” that can be imbedded in your organization’s website and provide a branded media store to sell a wide range of branded merchandise (i.e. music, apparel, etc.). The technology enables the consumer to make purchases via the organization’s website with a portion of the proceeds directly paid to the organization.  The widget provider’s technology will clear the credit card transaction and provide a monthly report of activities that will provide the organization with valuable donor data.
Grant Writing & Research

Diversification of funding by non-profit organizations gives them the best chance for long-term sustainability and success.  In addition to individuals, business and fundraising events, grants are playing in increasingly important role in income streams.  While no professional grant writer can guarantee success, experienced grant writers can position a non-profit organization and any potential grant applications to give it as great a chance for success as possible.

  • Design of program “packages”, including statistics, budgets, descriptive wording, pictures, etc.
  • Research to determine what grant funders will be most likely to fund the project.
  • A report of potential funders, schedule of the grant process and estimated time involved in preparing the grant.
  • Consistent updating and refreshing of your organization list of potential grants funders and status reports to your board and staff.
Board Development

Development of a board of director and/or an advisory council is crucial for every non-profit.  As the governing body of a nonprofit, this group fulfills a variety of roles and responsibilities.  A board of directors needs to expand as an organization grows and matures. While recruitment is one important step in this process, a broad, systematic approach to board development, including orientation, training, evaluation, and the cultivation of prospective board members, is critical to ensuring the long-term success of any board.

Further, to insure the individuals who serve on your board of directors or advisory council stay engaged and enthusiastic, “job descriptions” and clearly defined expectations are vital.  Once a nonprofit has identified the most appropriate individuals to serve in these roles, activities such as strategic planning sessions, retreats, appreciation dinners and more.

Our consultants work with non-profits developing a board with vision, purpose, and strength.

Website & Social Media

Websites often introduce a potential donor or supporter to a nonprofit organization.  Websites don’t have to be complicated or flashy to deliver the right message – they just have to be easy to navigate and interesting to the viewer.  Our website team can design an entirely new website for your organization or update your existing website.  We can also help you make your website as useful as possible in accepting donations and collecting information from your supporters.

Fundraising for non-profits is never easy. Getting people to give their hard-earned-cash instead of enjoying a night out or buying a new gadget is a tough task no matter how noble the cause.  As a result, nonprofits rely on social media to reach target audiences and build awareness of their mission. Facebook, Twitter and other networks are now a part of everyday life with people checking their accounts frequently. Because social media has taken hold of our society, nonprofits must meet their audience where they are in order to garner their trust and support.

Administrative/Professional Services

Because the word “sorgente” is literally the Italian translation of “wellspring”, Sorgente Consulting strives to be a continuous source meeting the unique needs of organizations of all sizes. In addition to marketing, fundraising and promotion, we also provide assistance with the daily operations of your organization.  Our goal is to make every nonprofit organization as stable and successful as possible through the delivery of the following services:

  • Legal and Accounting – To provide the highest quality of legal and accounting services, our network of professionals bring experience in dealing with the unique needs of nonprofit organizations through their personal clientele.
  • Endowments and Financial Planning – Long-term financial planning helps to build stability for nonprofit organizations and may include capital campaigns, establishing an endowment, etc.  Our network of financial planners has experience to help you determine which path is right for your organization, design a plan and execute that plan for maximum impact.
  • Networking – By providing resources for nonprofit board members and staff to get to know each other, opportunities are often revealed on ways that organizations can work together for the greater good. Whether these groups are large or small, these unique partnerships can open doors and build brand awareness in ways not possible before.
  • Website Design
  • Webmaster Services
  • Hardware/Software Analysis
  • Utilizing Mobile Apps
  • Donor Data Security