Donation/Payment Innovations

Implementing processes that will streamline the transition of weekly giving/donations (tithes, offerings) and fundraising needs (youth retreats, camp enrollments, mission trips, etc.) to online giving and/or crowdfunding.

  • Begin or expand weekly giving
  • Online registration for events
  • Social media mission funding
  • Recurring donations
  • Next day funding

Assistance with the design and logistics of both member events (youth retreats, mission trips, etc.) and outreach events (community fairs, health clinics, etc.).

  • Youth Retreats
  • Mission Trips
  • Conferences
  • Men’s/Women’s Events
  • Staff Development
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for promoting church curriculum and events to the community for building membership and outreach as well as how to use social media as a fundraising tool through crowdfunding.

  • Help define your audience on social media
  • Creating Marketing Strategy with Ad Campaigns
  • Consulting Overview of your accounts
  • Daily Management of all social media accounts
  • Weekly Data Reporting

Website Design and IT Support for evaluation of your existing website design, determining ways to use it more effectively for promotion, providing webmaster services, evaluating existing hardware and determining any needs and the possibility of utilizing mobile devices.

  • Website Design
  • Webmaster Services
  • Hardware/Software Analysis
  • Utilizing Mobile Apps
  • Church Member Data Security
Financial/Business Management

Assistance with identifying & implementing systems that will make accounting practices more efficient and effective, along with addressing tax planning, tax filing, auditing, budgeting, and other financial processing needs.

  • Annual and multi-year budgets
  • Cash Flow management and planning
  • Internal control review
  • Accounting software analysis
  • Fundraising strategy development
Organizational Development

Identifying how the skills & talents of staff, volunteers and/or board members can be optimized, and how strategic planning can strengthen the effectiveness of the church mission.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Church staff structures
  • Leadership and staff development
  • Streamlining processes and systems
  • Contract management services